Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa visited me!

Last night, or rather very early Christmas morning, Mr. Scottie Dog and I arrived home after a long, very long travel day from Minnesota. Sounds simple, doesn't it. Get on a plane in Minneapolis, fly to Denver. 1 hour later get on a plane, fly to San Francisco. 1 hour later get on a plane, fly to Eureka. Simple, straightforward.
We had a lovely visit with daughter Beka & Jason and the grandbabies. We celebrated Christmas on the 23rd. Christmas Eve morning we went to a neat place in Edina, MN, The Original Pancake House. We'd been there several years ago. Beka thought we'd like to go since they originated in Portland, OR where my brother Pat lives. The OPH has the best breakfasts. Bill, Beka & I had Apple Pecan Crepes, Jason had Eggs Benedict and Jakob and Mercedes shared a stack of Buckwheat Pancakes. Not a drop or bit was left. We went from there to the airport. Our first case of hurry up and wait. Our plane left 1 1/2 hours late. And in Denver we boarded our plane 1 1/2 hours after schedule....and sat in the plane for an additional hour before it took off. We waited in SF to see if we could get on the last plane out to Eureka. We were listed standby way down the list. We waited 3 1/2 hours....Bill even checked rental cars. Not a one available even if we wanted to drive the 6 1/2 hours home. They listed us on a 6:30 pm flight Christmas Evening. Well, we made it finally on the last plane out. Hurray! We did get home. I know that lots of people did NOT get to their destinations on Christmas Eve. Including at least 40 on our Denver plane who were bound for Hawaii. I hope they got there today.
When we got home early Christmas morning there was a box on the doorstep. We must have missed Santa's sleigh by a moment or two. "Merry Christmas" it said on the outside. Inside were 4 holiday DVD's---White Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life. A note from Santa read, "Enjoy & Relax Love, Santa"
Santa has been making these deliveries on Christmas Eve for about 6 years now. I've been given some cute flannel PJ's, a holiday purse, a set of Christmas Dishes, floral arrangements and now some of my favorite movies. I've had fun trying to guess who Santa is...but not a clue.
Thanks've made me feel special and loved. And you've inspired me to do some anonymous giving of my own.
There was a message on the answer machine inviting to friends for Christmas Dinner. Thanks to the Paseman/Harvey family. Good friends, good times.
Merry Christmas Everyone!


jen duncan said...

Hi Brenda- I'm glad you got home safe and not too terribly late. I love your Santa story. Thanks again for letting my mom and aunt shop with you yesterday! See you soon.

Karen said...

Brenda Lou, I'm so glad you're home safe and sound and had a wonderful trip. Happy New Year!