Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Program with the Pre-School

Friday morning bright and early I arrived at my granddaughter, Sydney's house. She was all dressed up like a Christmas Elf in her red velvet dress. Liz, Sydney and I drove to Sunny Brook Farm Pre-School to drive for the Field Trip. We got in the appointed cars and drove to Eureka Nazarene Church.
I'm actually not sure how many kids went on the trip.....we were only responsible for 2 (Sydney the tiny elf on the far left and Martina, the cutie in the green shirt) and I know all the kids weren't around when I grabbed my camera to take their picture in front of the tree in the foyer of the church.
We were privileged to see the dress rehearsal of "A Star is Born," the musical put on by Redwood Christian School. Oh, my....these children (kindergarten through 8th grade) did such a good job. The musical was thoroughly enjoyed by our pre-schoolers and the adults alike. An interesting story with all the songs fitting in perfectly about a group putting on a televised Nativity Play with a spoiled Diva set to play Mary...and all the fun consequences. The children all (even the kindergarteners!) knew all the words and even a bit of choreography!
If you have a chance you should go see it.
Sunday, Dec. 14 5 pm
Thursday, Dec. 18 6 pm
Eureka Nazarene Church
Humboldt & E Streets
Eureka, CA
After the field trip we took Sydney a bit early we girls could go out to lunch. We don't get a chance to do that very often anymore. What a treat: Gonsea for Chinese food. Sydney just wanted the "spaghetti" (chow mein noodles).


jen duncan said...

hi Brenda! When I first started reading this I thought, "that church looks a lot like ours!" Then, "Eureka Nazarene Church...hmmm. Isn't that MY church?" finally, I realized that yes, that is 'my' church, and that is my grandson's school performing "A star is born". I get to take him to tomorrow;s performance. Thanks for the good review! ;-)

Carol E. said...

Sydney in that little elf dress is adorable! Hey, I'm sorry about the terrible weather we are presenting upon your arrival in MN. I hope all is safe and well with you and yours.