Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Report from Minnesota: Cabellas & Quilted Treasures

Mr. Scottie Dog wanted to go to Cabellas. For those of you who are unfamiliar they are the premiere Outfitters in the USA. Outfitters? If you are going out side in Minnesota you need to be "outfitted" for the it hot, humid, mosquito-filled summer or cold & frigid winters, you need special clothing, tools, gadgets, etc. Cabellas has many stores throughout the States & Canada, from Maine to Reno, NV. Each store has some specialty attractions. The store in Rogers, MN has an aquarium.....not just any little 'ol fish tank....they have a "cave" you enter with 50 feet on each side of aquarium from the floor to the 14' ceilings filled with interesting fish. One had a cat fish that was so huge I couldn't believe

it was real. They also have a "mountain" that is about 3 stories high. On the mountain are stuffed deer, mountain lions, beavers, mountain goats and so many more with fall foliage trees and such. There is a stream running from the top down the mountain and a waterfall into the large beaver pond. The beavers have built a dam and it overflows into a large pond with a moose in it! In this lowest pond there are 40 or so live brown trout and Jakob got to feed them. He thought that was great. In another part of the store they have a diorama of and African plain with a full sized elephant, gazelles, rhinoceros. It was incredible. We took some pictures there whit Mercedes and Jakob. So what did Mr. Scottie Dog get at Cabellas? Well, he got some long underwear, a thing to help him measure out powder for his black powder gun (can you tell I'm not well versed in gun vernacular!). I bought him a Christmas present...can't tell you what it is because I think he reads my blog. They have everything from furniture to dog houses (even cammo tents to put on top of your heated (!) dog bed for your bird dog out in the open) to fudge (yes, fudge and it was good) to shoes to snowball makers---these look like jointed salad tongs, but have two half balls on them. You fill with snow and you are ready for a snowball fight. The store was huge and I only went to one small part of it.
Then we took a trip to Quilted Treasures, my friend Mary's store in Rogers, MN. She was basking in the sun with friends in Naples, FL her staff deals with snow and cold. It was fun to see our quilt (yes, the very quilt Liz & I Check Spellingmade) in her store display. I took the picture with Beka next to their display with our patterns. They have two classes scheduled for it and I hear one is full already! Mary's store is very has lots to choose from, a great staff and a wonderfully large classroom, just like Scottie Dog Quilts!

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Carol E. said...

Quilted Treasures is one of my favorite MN shops!