Friday, July 25, 2008

Cousins at Play

When I was a little girl (about a hundred years ago!) my dad would read me the Sunday Comics. We lived in LA and the LA Times had a very large Sunday comics section. Dick Tracy had this fantastic watch.....I think it was his 2-way wrist radio. In 1971 the college I attended had a computer (just one). They had to remodel TWO classrooms in order just to HOUSE the computer. It was that big. Flash forward to 1973 when Mr. Scottie Dog was then working for Radio Shack. I remember he called several people he knew because technology had finally reached the future.........Radio Shack had come up with a 4-function, hand-held calculator that could add, subtract, multiply and divide for ONLY $129.99!!! And people ran down in droves to scoop up those calculators. A few years later one of our friends had a watch with a calculator under the face....Technology on the march into the future. Now they give away calculators that do more than that early Radio Shack one! And it's the size of a credit card!
In 2008 my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter Sydney "plays" regularly with my 2 1/2 year old grandson Jakob. Not unusual you say? Well, it is, because they live 1578 miles apart! Sydney lives in Eureka,CA and Jakob lives in Savage, MN. Here they are on Tuesday. They show each other their puzzles, sing together and chatter. What is funny is that the kids were busy chatting here on Skype and their moms (MY kids, Beka & Liz) were chatting away on the telephone.
Grandparents---if I haven't convinced you yet: RUN, DO NOT WALK TO YOUR COMPUTER AND SIGN UP AT doesn't pay me.


jen duncan said...

That really is something, huh?
I cannot believe you were in college in 1971..I thought we were right around the same age. Must be all that fun you have that keeps you young.

Carol E. said...

How did you get this picture? YOu're not in MN are you?? OK, I suppose your MN daughter emailed it to you. You better not come here w/out at least calling.

BrendaLou said...

Don't worry, Carol. I AM coming to Minnesota Sept. 26 and won't be going back to CA until Oct. 12. A nice long visit. These grandbabies grwo so quickly I need to be there to hug them in person! Hope to see you and all the Minn/Wisc. girls then.