Friday, July 18, 2008

The Trip to Sisters

Liz took a trip to Sisters, OR for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last weekend. She had a ball with her friends (staff and teachers from the store!)

Here are a few pictures to remember the trip by:

To the left are Jenny, Margie & Crystal in the poky. Don't know WHY they got thrown in the Sisters Jail......speeding ticket maybe??????

They attended "Picnic in the Park" and heard Katie Pasquini Masopust give a talk and trunk show. Katie was raised in Fortuna and owned Katie's Quilt Shop (the first of it's kind in Eureka!) in Old Town in the mid 70's. I remember going in with my 3 toddlers and saying, "She'll never be able to sell cotton fabric for $3.99 a yard!" Don't we all wish for those prices now.

L to R: Jenny, Margie, Karen , Crystal, Liz, Jackie, Geri and Geri's sister-in-law (sorry I don't know her name).

Before they left they all took a class from our own Katie Hartsell who teaches the ever-popular Blue Sky Hat from Amy Butler. I'm waiting for Liz to make one for me....waiting....waiting...hint....hint.

Not only did they help with the light and the heat, but it was easy to spot their friends in the crowds. Ladies, you are STYLIN' in those hats!

Jean Wells, owner of the Stitchin Post and originator of the Show gets everyone into the act. Here is Jan Cossette, my sales rep from the EE Schenck Co. They sell me much of the lovely fabrics we carry in our store as well as stationery, books, patterns, notions and more. They had Jan and friends selling commemorative posters, t-shirts and more behind the Stitchin Post.

Oh, yes....they went to Sisters for the Quilt Show! Lots and lots and lots (how about 1200 quilts. That's right, twelve hundred quilts) of quilts. Every building inside and out was covered in quilts. The drug store, the clock store they all have quilts hanging from their eves, covering their sides and inside wherever there is space. Many of the quilts are for sale.


The Hachés said...

humm, I think i want one of those hats also!!! Do you have the pattern, Liz?

katie said...

Oooh, everyone looks great in the hats! Sounds like a really fun trip. Maybe next year I'll finally get there!

liz said...

Okay, Mom, pick out your two fabrics and I'll make your hat. They actually make up pretty quickly!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good "class". Let us know when you schedule it.