Thursday, July 3, 2008

New from All Washed Up!

Yesterday I had a visit from Angie & Weezie from All Washed Up (you know them---they designed "Just Can't Cut It," one of the patterns that has stayed in the National top 5 selling patterns for years now.
Of course now when they come in the first words out of our mouths is, "Did you bring Cade?" He's growing fast--over 20 lbs. I heard. He is such a cutie and I wish I had caught him with a giggle on his face. Cade is three days younger than my granddaughter Mercedes.....hmmmm wonder if we can set them up!

All Washed Up has a new pattern---another winner in my book, called "Sparkling Cider." We have the pattern available for purchase at the store and have a good supply as they are selling quickly. Be sure to check out all the quilt samples (two of which are pictured on the table above) in the pattern. You can make several sizes and all take fat quarters.

Hope Cade comes to see me again soon! too, Angie & Weezie!


Carol E. said...

Hey, BL. I'd love one of those patterns. It's not on your shop site yet... can I just order it from you? (It's great having friends in the right places.)

Anonymous said...

'Bout time they came out with a new pattern! I love it! And what a cute little guy! Looks like motherhood agrees with Angie!/Bev

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda Lou, Glad you had a great time camping, loved the pics. Jen and I love the new pattern! When can we get one? Everything is going great with runs with scissors! THANK YOU!
Much Love, Marie