Friday, July 11, 2008

Reason #36 for Eating Out

Sydney is still with us.....Liz and friends are having a ball at the Quilt Show in Sisters, OR. I got the bright idea that we'd make Pizza for dinner. So we got into the car, drove to Murphy's Market and picked out the nicest mushrooms, a can of sliced olives (on SALE, no less!), a watermelon (what could be more special to a 3 year old than dinner of home made pizza and watermelon!), a whole wheat pizza skin (Grandma is still on the South Beach Diet and flour MUST be whole grain) and some mozzarella cheese.

Back home we made some pizza sauce and spread it on half the pizza (Grandpa likes his without sauce). Grandma sliced the mushrooms and then Sydney spread the olives, mushrooms and artichoke hearts. We shredded the cheese and topped our Pizza. Wonderful! We told Grandpa it would be ready soon and he should clean up for dinner. Grandma put the pizza in the oven and started putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

Sniff? Sniff? Sniff, sniff????? "Must have had something overflow in the oven," Grandma thought. Then, suddenly Grandma was sure SOMETHING WAS BURNING!!!!

Oh, NO! It was our Pizza! Grandma had turned the oven to BROIL instead of BAKE! I pulled out the pizza and said to Sydney, "Oh no, Grandma ruined the Pizza."

"Gwama, it's OK, you can fix it." It is wonderful that she has such faith in me. Grandpa came and tore off a tiny bit to show it was OK. He chewed a bit and then said, "I think
we'll go to Wendy's."

Sydney was up for that! Grandma got a Cesar Chicken Salad, Grandpa got his dollar menu regular: baked potato, garden salad, chicken nuggets, Dr. Pepper. Sydney got nuggets, "white milk, Gwama, not Choklat," and oranges.

The watermelon will wait for lunch tomorrow.

Reason #36 for eating out: Burned Pizza


Anonymous said...

And we all thought you were at Home Town....

The Hachés said...

oops! And the pizza looked so good!

Good save dad!


Sydney's Mom said...

Sounds like Sydney had a blast while Mom and Dad were gone!