Friday, July 18, 2008

Kid's Camp

Two or three times a year we hold Kid's Camp. Liz is the teacher. When a child is 9 years old and can thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin solo they can come to Kid's Camp. We often have boys, but this week's session was all girls. Sydney took a real liking to these girls and they adored her. She felt like she was a part. She'd constantly be under the tables picking up stray pins, "ironing" or encouraging the girls to play hide and seek. They sewed up a storm! Each girl brought 12 Fat Quarters and helped Liz cut them into "Tumblers" on the AccuCut Machine. Then it was easy to sew the pieces first into pairs and then pairs together...etc. With the notches cut on each side it was simple.
Everyone finished their quilt top and some had enough time to make a cute Teeny Tiny Tote Bag or a miniature tumbler quilt with foundation piecing. These girls rock!

On Thursday they had a Pizza Party to celebrate the successful week. The happy students were Megan, Katie, Emma, Emma Ann, Julia, Dara, Mikalyn and Makayla. And mascot, Sydney. (I've probably spelled some one's name wrong, so please forgive me girls.)

Watch for Christmas Kid's Camp!

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