Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Bedroom (NOT X rated!)

As readers of my blog may remember, Mr. Scottie Dog has been working on our house. Ever since we bought our house in the Cutten area of Eureka, it has been in the state of remodel. We added a two storey addition of den, 2 bedrooms, study area & bathroom. Then the old dining room became another bedroom and guest bath w/shower and two closets. The kitchen was reconfigured and enlarged. Two years later new cabinets & counter tops and finally flooring. With each job, a few final touches were left undone. For the past year, Bill has been finishing up these projects. He also built a fantastic spa bathroom & walk-in closet out of the old bedroom next to our room. Then the laundry room got it's own finish job and new pantry shelves installed.
Last week he started in on our bedroom itself. It is getting new walls, carpet, an additional window, new light fixtures and a new ceiling. Since the original was only 7 1/2' high, he's re-shaping the ceiling so it will be 9' at the apex. Right now he's got 1/2 of the old ceiling down and is re-engineering the truss system so the roof won't fall down on us one night! (I'm thankful for that.) Our bed sits smack-dab in the center of the room while the work goes on.
The bed quilt is an old one I made in the very early 90's. It was a sample for the Beginning Quilting Class I taught. I love the colors in it.
I can't get to this dresser. It belonged to Bill's grandma when she was young. I love it, but it was made for clothing of a different era. The top two drawers are very shallow. Top one was for corsets, the 2nd for chemises. I keep my stockings in one and socks in another. I hope the room is done soon....I want to be able to post my AFTER pics!


liz said...

Wow! That room is unrecognizable. I don't remember wood paneling anywhere. Is that from the old bathroom?

BrendaLou said...

yes, the wood paneling was in the old bathroom. We have a new big window (it doesn't show in any of the photos). Work is going on...but slowly.