Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beka's Block of the Month


My family’s Quilt Shop (Scottie Dog Quilts) in California has done all kinds of “Block of the Month” programs over the years and I (Beka) have finally just begun my first! They started a new one in January called, “Where the Redwoods meet the Sea”, a Humboldt County Quilt.”

I couldn’t resist this one - it’s my home!!! Minnesota has definitely become my home, but Northern California will always be a “home” to me. This quilt has a redwood tree- I miss them so much! There is the ocean - The Pacific Ocean will always be my favorite, but it’s the best anyway! The quilt also has the beach, and a lighthouse - it’s soo nostalgic for me!

Block of the Month just means you get a new pattern each month, giving you another piece of the puzzle. At the end of the year- It’s done! And it’s a lot of fun to see your project unfold - all in little bite-size pieces!


January’s block was a log cabin pattern - three of them make up the dirt, the mountain under the redwood tree.

month-2.jpgFebruary is one star type pattern that makes up the base of the sandy beach.

month-3.jpgI received March’s pattern a few days early (one of the many benefits of being a part of “the family business”) and already completed my block - more of the sandy beach.

This is a “scrappy quilt” - another first for me. There aren’t a few coordinating fabrics that make it up, it’s all kinds of fabric - the more the merrier! When it’s all put together it should look great.

I can’t wait for the months to come, I want to finish my quilt! I am planing on hanging this one by the front door, in our entry way. It’s the perfect piece of art that brings a little piece of my first home to my Minnesota home!

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