Friday, March 6, 2009

Sydney and Eureka Fire Department

On Thursday morning Liz and I were busily working at the store and who should come in for their yearly check on the fire extinguishers, but the Eureka Fire Department. Four officers came, they were the nicest guys. Now, Sydney has had a huge fascination for two things since she was quite tiny: Fire Trucks and Tow Trucks. On one of our trips to So. CA we had need of a tow truck. Only Sydney was excited about the adventure. Well, Thursday the Fire Department came to visit! We called her over (she was intently painting with watercolors) and she jumped up and down. She shook each hand and said, "Fank you for your service." At this point I don't know who was more excited, Sydney or the EFD Officers. One of them lives next door to a local quilter and was impressed by our inventory....3000 bolts, my guess is he was surprised at how much we put in our small space.

Here's a picture of a local truck winding it's way through Eureka's Sequoia Park....I've driven that road many times and I'm surprised they could get the truck around the curves. Liz asked if they had a truck parked outside so she could take a picture of Sydney with a beloved Fire Truck. Sargent Miller said it was "down the block." Sydney said to one of the guys, "I have a smoke PROtector in my room." One of the guys got down on her level and told her what to do if the "smoke PROtector" ever went off. It was so cute.
At that point one of the officers was hightailing it down the street so he could bring the Fire Engine outside our door! Sydney was given a tour of the truck and they even put her on the front seat!

Here's Sydney and HER men in uniform! I tell you, she had them wrapped around her little finger!

Hats off to our brave men in blue! Thanks Eureka Fire Department.


Christine Thomas said...

That is too precious. What a memory for her.

Beka & Jason Haché said...

Looks like Syd had a lot of fun!!! I really like her boots in that last pic! What a cutie!

Carol E. said...

Super cute! This story put a smile on my face. Are you back to your regular blog? I couldn't comment on the one that was at your store site. I like this better!

Anonymous said...

Syd has everyone wrapped around her included!! Love that girl!