Monday, March 16, 2009

A "Pieceful Day"

Last weekend I spent my day off at Pieceful Day. I've blogged about it before but I can't tell you how special it is for me. You'd think since I own a Quilt Shop I'd spend most of my time quilting. WRONG.....I think Quilt Shop Owners sew very least this one is usually teaching, helping customers, ordering fabric, cleaning up the store, putting fabric away, writing newsletters, blogging, researching the latest trends, and whittling away at the mountains of paperwork a business generates in order to run. So once a month I try to make it to one or both of All Washed Up's Pieceful Day. A day in the Victorian Town of Ferndale, CA is so much fun. We sew from 9 am to midnight, stroll the town and buy out the little shops. I always stop in at the candy store and buy Mr. Scottie Dog a few truffles (alas, I failed to do that on this trip! Sorry honey!).
Here are my table mates....Bridgette, Paula and Katie. We were all working hard (at having fun!) on our projects. It just feels so good to be able to be the "quilter" and not the "shop owner" once in a while.

Angie and Weezie made an announcement about mid-day that had us all gulping and speechless. They need to concentrate on their families more right now and try to refocus on their pattern business (Just Can't Cut It, Sparkling Cider to name a couple!) and so this would be the last Pieceful Day. Crystal to the rescue! Our dear friend and teacher in the store, Crystal said that she'd take over management of Pieceful Days through July. Yay/Yahoo/Wohoo!!!!! Of course we'll all help her out. Thanks Crystal! You've made this shop owner very happy.


Mary said...

I was just thinking how great it was that you had those *retreats* and then you wrote they were going to stop. Glad it has a happy ending -- it must be so nice to get together monthly in that type setting.

jen duncan said...

Sure wish I could've joined you!

BrendaLou said...

Scottie Dog Quilts still has weekend long quilting retreats...Next one is april 24-16.
They are fun, Carol E. has come a few times.