Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Revisited

Last Blog I showed you the daffodils blooming and told of our lovely Spring weather. Sunday, a mere two days later, it was frigid when we went out to the car for Church. It had hailed---the temperature was 39 degrees. Here's our poor lawn, covered in hail with the ever-present redwood litter.On the way to Church we could see that in some places it looked like mounds of snow left behind. Remember, this is CALIFORNIA! But then by Monday it was beautiful and warm again. My daffodils are still beautiful.
Happy Spring!

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Carol said...

I DO remember those quick little storms from when we lived in Eureka a century ago -- students at Humboldt.
Many fond memories.
Here in OK, my daffodils have already bloomed and promptly froze. Now there are purple Iris everywhere around the house and snow predicted for Fri. Nature always wins.