Monday, March 30, 2009

FOUND: Olga!

Many thanks to my friend Darlene who read my blog entry about friends and did some research for me. After the work and tips she gave me, it was just a matter of time. I thought I had found my childhood friend, Olga......just had to wait for confirmation. It came tonight and lo & behold! She's just a couple of hours north of me in Cave Junction, OR. A place I drive through (and often stop for a bite to eat) several times a year. Thanks Darlene! I'm ecstatic and so are my friends, Terri, Toni, Vicki, Lynda & Maralee. Now to find Gail (and I think we're really close on that one too!)


jen duncan said...

How exciting is that!! So happy for you and your friends. :-)

Lisa Boyer said...

Well, that was fun! I got to see your granchildren, watch your birthday pot grow, find out you met your husband in a TREE! I also enjoyed your shop's website. I have to come visit your shop one day. We haven't been back anywhere north of Monterey in ten years since we moved back here from Petaluma. You make me miss that part of California! I remember Eureka well--I loved it.

PS. I don't understand the lure of Twitter either.