Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sydney Turns 4!

March 21 marks birthday number 4 for Sydney Sarah Adams, my eldest grandbaby. Saturday Sydney and Grandma had a date for lunch. We went to a "real" restaurant for the occasion. After all, when you are 4 you are grown up enough to go to "big girl" places.

Sydney ordered a triple-decker grilled cheese sandwich. The staff brought her strawberry ice cream with a cherry and candle and sang Happy Birthday. We had lots of fun.
Saturday night Mommy & Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa took Sydney out to dinner and to the Bounce-A-Palooza. If you've never taken a toddler to a Bounce House you haven't lived! The energy, the noise!

You have to take off your shoes and off you go! This is one of Sydney's favorite places to go and she really gets a workout. She runs from bouncer to bouncer, up the giant inflated stairs, down the slides, inside the whale's mouth and between the humongous Spider Man's ankles, around the corner, bounce up and down. I get exhausted just watching her. She's so short that sometimes she can't make it into the openings, but it's neat to know that the bigger kids always seem to help her out.

Here's Grandpa helping Syd ride her birthday scooter as we left the Mall. She learned to kick up her leg by watching Olivia the Pig. Perhaps you've read some of the Olivia books or seen the TV shows.

Sydney is all dressed up for her real party. The cake in the background looked like Duff from Ace of Cakes had made it, but Liz had worked hard on it. It was so beautiful. Notice Sydney has bare feet. I'm afraid she learned that from her mother (Liz) who learned it from her mother (BrendaLou) who learned it from HER mother (Marcella)......generational inheritance! None of us like to wear shoes inside!
I'm birthdayed out! But it was fun!


Carol said...

Well, I'm exhausted! Boy! am I glad I was 50 when my grandchildren were that age. I would never be able to keep up at 62.
You have a beautiful little lady.

jen duncan said...

So cute. Thank goodness for the bounce houses, huh? Not sure where else we could take them.
Can't quite guess that first restaurant. Is it Mazotti's?