Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Paddy's Day with Sydney & Grandpa

Last night on St. Paddy's Day, Sydney and I dressed up and joined Grandpa, aka Mr. Scottie Dog for dinner out and an evening with the Humboldt Accordionaires. You may remember that Mr. Scottie Dog is a member in good standing of our local Accordion Group. LOCAL (?) group.....does that mean there are other groups out there? Yes! The Humboldt County group belongs to the larger Golden State Accordion group who, in turn, belongs to an association of groups worldwide. I guess there is an entire "world" out there for every hobby anyone might have....just like quilters...!!!!! There is my sweetie pie right in the middle of the picture. I think last night there were 14 accordion players, a guitar and an Irish drum and about 120 people there to listen, clap, sing and yodel. Here's a sign on the wall (they meet in Swiss Hall).
As you can see, Sydney was dressed to impress. She planned to dance to every single musical piece. These musicians are serious....they start promptly at 7 pm and play for two hours without a break. At the stroke of 9 pm every month they play Goodnight Irene and everyone sings along.
Sydney danced the first few with Grandma (sometimes with Grandma sitting on a bench!) and then her friend Caleb came. He's an older man....6 years old now! Sydney was quite the brazen woman and she did the asking most of the time. Syd danced with Grandma, Caleb, a girl about 11 and one of the older ladies. She danced all but one dance.
The Accordion band played mostly Irish songs....Danny Boy, An Irish Lullaby, When Irish Eyes are Smiling and more. I know my husband was thinking of me when he played them as I'm of Irish heritage. He says I have a leprechaun nose (and I pretend to be mad!) and sings to me, My Wild Irish NOSE. Most of the ladies bring all manner of goodies to share. Sydney was happy with a brownie with mint frosting and a green cupcake (green cake & frosting), but she only ate half of each. She asked once if she could go "look at the goodies" and bring me something. I expected a cookie or brownie but she ran back holding a deviled egg! I'm surprised she didn't drop it, but it WAS good.
We had a great time! Then it was back home and Sydney spent the night with Grandma & Grandpa. I took her to Preschool before work today.
How did YOU spend St. Patrick's Day?

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Stephanie said...

How Sweet! Loved the photos. Stephanie