Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Civil War Diary Quilt Blocks

The Grateful Threads traded their Civil War Diary Quilt blocks last week. The book is by Rosemary Young. I also have the CD. It's great to print out templates, rotary cutting directions or paper piecing patterns.

We met at a local Chinese restaurant on a Saturday night, not our usual Thursday. All present except dear Stephanie who had surgery. Here's praying you are feeling nearly normal now Steph!

Here's 8 of our 9 blocks. One will come soon. I don't know how many blocks I have now. Not everyone has been in each round. We are all friends and if someone gets behind, we give them a break (but don't let them forget they owe us!!).

We made our choices for the next round...most are in, some are not, some are out for one round but will jump back in. We had so much fun at dinner....we always have lots to talk about. We'd have fun even if we weren't swapping blocks, but it's like Christmas when we pass them all out. Isn't it funny that when we become adults we begin to think that presents and the excitement of surprises are beneath us. I think the world would be a better place and we'd all be happier if we gave more gifts and surprised more people with kindness.

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